Private Label Products

Indoor or outdoor, economy or exclusive brand – D & D Commodities Ltd. private label can do it all. D & D Commodities Ltd. is a leader in the formulation, packaging and marketing of private label and exclusive brand products for caged birds, small animals, wild birds and wildlife. We can offer our expertise and advice on formula design, forecasting consumer demand, developing packaging and meeting labeling requirements, as well as training, support materials and point-of-sale (POS).

Make Your Brand Exclusive With D & D Commodities Ltd.

Innovate, don’t imitate. There has been an “innovation revolution” in private label products, packaging and ingredients. Retailers are now working with vendors on new and exciting changes for their own brands. At D & D Commodities Ltd. we can help you transform your private label into an “exclusive brand.”

Our Formula For Success

The mission of D & D Commodities Ltd. is to treat your private label-exclusive brand as if it were one of our own, making it as good – if not better – than the leading national brands. Working with you to develop your product’s own unique formulation, marketing program and brand identity, we’ll make you the category leader in the markets you serve. Our customers deserve the best in all facets of our business; anything less just won’t do. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!