Company Capabilities & Facilities

Company Capabilities

D & D Commodities Ltd. is capable of packaging almost any formulation of product for caged birds, small animals, wild birds and wildlife. These products can be produced in all types of packaging, including large tote bags and gaylords, 50-pound paper bags, 50-pound clear polyethylene bags, 20-pound polyethylene bags with handles, vertical form fill seal poly bags (with private-label labeling capabilities), small poly or barrier bags, PETE plastic (32-, 64-, 128-ounce) square jars with 110mm colored caps and more. Computer-operated blending facilities allow the Company to maintain precise, locked formulas for company (as well as private-label) brands. The Company’s commitment to quality control procedures, from incoming raw product to finished goods and shipment, help ensure a consistent high quality product.

Company Facilities

The production and storage facilities shown provide D & D Commodities Ltd. with access to the various commodities and ingredients critical to all of the Company’s products. These facilities are strategically located in areas noted for production of ingredients, such as sunflowers, safflower and other key ingredients. In addition, the Greeley facility provides easy access to the national interstate highway system, resulting in rapid delivery and favorable freight rates.

The Stephen, MN, facility is located in northwest Minnesota approximately 60 miles north of Grand Forks, ND. This is a modern production and packaging facility that is completely automated. All of the Company’s products are manufactured, packaged and stored at this location. In addition to the main facility shown, the company owns and maintains several other buildings in the Stephen area for warehousing, equipment repair, shipping and bulk ingredient storage.

The Greeley, CO, facility was constructed by D & D in 2002. It is located approximately 45 miles northeast of Denver, CO. This is a state-of-the-art and completely automated production, packaging and storage facility. All of the Company’s products are manufactured, packaged and stored at this location.

The Argyle, MN, facility located 10 miles south of Stephen, was acquired in 2012 to provide expanded production and storage capacity to support the Stephen facility.