Company Milestones

D & D Commodities Ltd. was the first to:

  • Use species-specific tissue targeted chelated trace minerals in all nutritionally fortified (with added supplement) products (L’Avian Plus).
  • Remove all added chemical preservatives from its formulations.
  • Use bilingual (English-Spanish) labeling (3-D® Pet Products).
  • Introduce and provide 100% support for consumer frequent buyer programs (Wild Delight® and L’Avian Plus).
  • Study the new nutritional needs of wild birds and wildlife and add needed nutrients including vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and electrolytes to Wild Delight® Advanced Formulas®.
  • Add real fruit (cherries, cranberries, raisins, papaya, etc.) to its wild bird and wildlife formulations.
  • Guarantee “locked formulas” so that consumers receive the same product with every purchase.
  • Treat private label products as brands and offer marketing and promotional support for these private label products and customers.
  • Establish a completely wireless communication and computing system. This includes complete EDI capability. D & D Commodities Ltd. is now working to be UCC compliant.
  • Use “flavorings” in the wild bird industry.

D & D Commodities Ltd. is also known for:

  • The development of a unique seed-cleaning process that allows D & D Commodities Ltd. to market the cleanest (virtually dust-free) products available in the industry.
  • The leader in trying to establish labeling and formulation standards for wild bird food products to protect consumers. D & D Commodities Ltd. is also the leader in providing labeling formats that meet all AAFCO labeling guidelines.